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Sounding Off with Aaron

"...went from most hated to the champion God flow, I guess that's a feeling only me and Lebron know..."


What defines greatness?

Numbers? Championships? Top 10 lists? Awards?

Greatness is often misunderstood. Most of the time, we fail to realize greatness when it is right in front of us. Instead, we often spend the most of our time criticizing  and critiquing it. Failing to recognize it, often we are confused by its actions in the present time.

This is what I see happening to Lebron James. Currently, James is the best basketball player on the planet and one of the best athletes in the world. How, though, do people continue to blast him? A two time NBA champion and Finals MVP, plus 4 time League MVP, Lebron has what most people would consider a sub-par resume. 


Let that sink in. Four time League MVP. and back-to-back Finals wins and Finals MVP, and that is sub-par. 

When you compare this to Bill Russell or Michael Jordan, of course this is sub par. But guess what guys, we don't HAVE to compare LBJ to MJ or Bill. Reason being, Lebron is his OWN player. Skill set wise, he isn't Michael. He is more Magic But that just isn't enough to compare. We HAVE to compare him to Michael, don't we?


Hatred. Disdain. Disrespect. This all stems from one night: The Decision. 


A stunt to make money for The Boys and Girls club, Lebron's heart was in the right place. However, the spectacle of the hour long special is what drives people away. Whether they call it classless or a grab at the spotlight, they find any way to tear him down. We always ignore the facets of his basketball game to focus on the negative. He could do things that other players, like an Andre Johnson, has done such as purchasing toys for kids around the holidays. Thing is, there are people who will still say that he hasn't done enough. That he is doing this just for the spotlight. 

When is enough, enough? 


The College Dropout. Late Registration. Graduation. 808s and Heartbreaks. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The Throne. Yeezus. 

The albums of rapper Kanye West.


Creative genius. Self Centered. Arrogant. Father. Activist. Artist. Business Man. Producer. Fashion Designer. Icon. 


All of these could be used to describe Kanye (Con-Yay) West. Most, however, remember him from his incident with Taylor Swift at the MTV VMA's which made her a household name to the hip hop community. But truth is, Kanye is much more beyond that. He is considered by many a musical genius and a visionary in music. Having been a fan of his music since his first disc was dropped, I have seen the evolution of his music. A part of the hatred for Kanye can be traced back to the MTV incident. 


Ignore the fact that he once wrote a song called "Jesus Walks" in which he calls out pop radio for not playing songs with messages, or "Roses," which is about taking a dying family member flowers only to be accosted by nurses and doctors for autographs and pictures. We instead focus on a perceived narcissism. Perceived because we see him in pictures on magazine covers, on the internet or the subject of stories on sites such as World Star Hip Hop. He is brash, we all know that. Flamboyant as well, but that comes with the territory of being a major superstar. 

We ignore the fact that he founded the Kanye West Foundation to battle rising drop out rates and illiteracy. He also partners with MTV to help soldiers who battle PTSD and debt on their return home. He also appeared in many PSAs for Strong American Schools. His giving back to the communities that helped shape him go overlooked. 


Funny how both of these gentlemen cannot win. It seems that no matter what they do, they will never do enough for the naysayers who continue to beat their image into the ground. It doesn't matter if they save a dog from a house fire, rescue a kitten from a tree, help an old woman cross the street or buy food to feed 400. 


They will never do enough. 


They can never do the right thing. 


Lebron James is Kanye West.